We have a very limited quantity of Louisiana irises and 9 two-gallon pots of Siberians all potted
up and looking for a home! The irises were over-grown at Northeast Minneapolis Municipal
Iris Gardens so we potted them up in clusters. We are advising our customers that there is a
possibility that the iris you get may not be the one named; however, we should be able to identify
them when they bloom, and they are all beautiful. Because we are not 100% certain of the
variety, these irises are available at a very attractive price. A pot of rhizomes is only $10.
The photos below show the varieties that were grown. Just email us if you are local in the Mpls
St. Paul area and are interested in this offer. Although we neither ship nor accept payment on this
website, we will arrange for pick up or delivery in multi-rhizome, jumping worm-free pots.

Black Gamecock
Clyde Redmond
LA Black Gamecock
LA Clyde Redmond
LA Coushatta
LA Glowlight
gypsy moon
Heather stream
Imp's papa
lightning quick
LA Gypsy Moon/Mighty Rich/Blue Jean Baby
LA Heather Stream
LA Imp's Papa
LA Lightning Quick
Mulberry Mousse
Myra Arny
Sun flare
swamp giant
LA Mulberry Mousse
LA Myra Arny
LA Sun Flare
LA Swamp Giant/Mary G
wood violet
LA Trionfo
LA Wood Violet
Siberian Iris
Siberian Iris

Later in the season, we will publish what we expect to sell at the Arboretum sale August 20 & 21.
Check back in late July for a peek at fabulous irises you will be able to acquire at the sale.
Below are photos of irises grown at the Arboretum which have been for sale in the past.

TB Absolute Teasure
TB Acoma
TB All Night Long
TB Amarillo Frills
TB Anna Lou
TB Anon
TB Art Deco
TB Augustine
TB Austin City Blues
TB Autumn Rose
TB Autumn Tryst
TB Avalon Sunset
TB Betty Simon
TB Beyond
TB Blowing Kisses
TB Blue Chip Pink
TB Blue Sapphire
TB Blue Skirt Waltz
TB Boogie Woogie
TB Bride's Halo
TB By Design
TB Calamity Carol
TB Calico Ruffles
TB Capricious Candles
TB Carnival in Rio
TB Carnival Ride
TB Champagne Elegance
TB Charisma
TB Chartreuse Ruffles
TB China Dragon
TB Chinook Dreams
TB Copyright
TB Cowabunga
TB Cream Taffeta
TB Crystal Blue
TB Dakota Moon
TB Dakota Smoke
TB Dance Lessons
TB Designing Woman
TB Distant Roads
TB Don't Touch
TB Duplication
TB Dutch Custard
TB Erleen Richeson
TB Ever So Lovely
TB Falcon Pride
TB Five Star Admiral
TB Florentine Silk
TB Fortunate Son
TB Frequent Flyer
TB Glistening Icicle
TB Going My Way
TB Good Show
TB Grand Waltz
TB Grape Parfait
TB Greta
TB Gypsy Glitter
TB Gypsy Lord
TB Harvest Maiden
TB Harvest of Memories
TB Hoptoit
TB In Your Dreams
TB Innocent Star
TB Joyce Terry
TB Juke Box Hero
TB La Scala
TB Laced Cotton
TB Lady Jan
TB Lady Leigh
TB May Frost
TB Minnesota Dream
TB Minnesota Nice
TB Minnesota Pinks
TB Mission Ridge
TB Morocco
TB Old Time Religion
TB One Desire
TB Out of Trouble
TB Ovation
TB Pandora's Purple
TB Passion Play
TB Pastel Lei
TB Pink Angel
TB Points North
TB Prince Charming
TB Queen Dorothy
TB Raspberry Fudge
TB Raspberry Ripples
TB Rhinelander
TB Ride The Wind
TB River Hawk
TB Roaring Twenties
TB San Francisco
TB Schortman's Garnet Ruffles
TB Secondhand Rose
TB Showcase
TB Sierra Grande
TB Silverado
TB Sky And Sun
TB Spinning Wheel
TB Starcrest
TB Starring Encore
TB Sultry Mood
TB Superstition
TB Sweeter Than Wine
TB Swingtown
TB Tennison Ridge
TB Theatre
TB Thornbird
TB Tide's In
TB Tillinghast
TB Tomcat
TB Unbelieveable Love
TB Vibrations
TB Well Endowed
TB Wine and Roses
TB Zurich

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