With height of 2-4 feet and attractive foliage, blooming after TBs 

For information on growing Siberian Irises, visit The Society for Siberian Irises
or read about Siberian culture by Wm. Dougherty. Click on photos for larger image and hybridizer info

black joker
caesar's brother
coronation anthem
SIB Black Joker
SIB Caesar's Brother
SIB Coronation Anthem
ginger twist
here be dragons
how audacious
SIB Ginger Twist
SIB Here be Dragons
SIB How Audacious
neptune's gold
pink haze
SIB Neptune's Gold
SIB Paprikash
SIB Pink Haze
simon says
sugar rush
swans in flight
SIB Simon Says
Sib Sugar Rush
SIB Swans in Flight

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