African Wine, Aquadoodle, Tiny Titan, Tooth Fairy, Wise: Marte Hult
Dollop of Cream, Be Brief: Michelle Dreier

Absolute Joy, Alene's New Love, Autumn Jester, Ballistic, Being Busy, Big Blue Eyes, Bluebeard's Ghost, Blueberry Tart, Bombay Sapphire, Bourgeois, Bright Star Child, California Boy, Cat's Eye, Chanted, Cherry Garden, Clash, Cup of Joy, Death by Chocolate, Devil Baby, Devoted, Dew Buzz Bye, Dime, Enchanted Mocha, Eramosa Skies, Experiment, Extraterrestrial, Eye of Sauron, Eyebright, Fire Coral, Fires of Fiji, Firestorm, Flirting, Flirting Again, Forever Blue, Giggles and Grins, Gingerbread Trim, Gizmo the Gremlin, Grape Cordial, Grass Girl, Herbal Tea, Hummingbird's Blessing, Irrepressible, Jitters, Jive, Jubal, Kaching, Little Showoff, Maui Sunrise, Miss Meredith, Muppet, My Cher, Nina Dix, Nine Lives, Ocean Pearl, Our Gang, Oxford Tweeds, Panther, Pele, Perpetual Indulgence, Photon, Plainsong, Puddy Tat, Quarter Moon, Quote the Poet, Raindance Returns, Red Bunny, Ringer, Ruby Eruption, Sandsong, Shakespeare's Sonnet, Smell the Roses, Spiderlady, Spiderman, Starbaby, Tremors, Tu Tu Turquoise, Ultimate, Vavoom, What Again, Winter Embrace, Wise Willow, Yat Rock, Zap, Zooboomafoo: Marte Hult
Leprechan's Purse, Ready Freddie, Surrounded, Thrifty, Dark Design, Cimmaron Rose: Michelle Dreier

Bluebird in Flight, Happy Now, Starwoman, Oblivion, Precious Joy, Synergy: Michelle Dreier
Delirium, Ever Cool, Star in the Night, Blue Eyed Blond, Cat in the Hat, Gene's Lora Lavelle, Halston, Many Mahalos, Mariposa Wizard, Sanskrit: Marte Hult

Batik, Blueberry Trail: Michelle Dreier. Orinoco Flow: Marte Hult


About Town, Adoree, Afternoon Delight, Again and Again, Air of Mystery, All Revved Up, American Maid, America's Song, Arctic Fox, Before the Storm, Beverly Sills, Bolshoi, Burst of Joy, Calgary, Cameo Minx, Candy Colors, Carnival of Color, Caveman, Celebration Song, Classic Look, Coal Seams, Coffee Trader, Colorado Expressions, Color of Love, Company Red, Conjuration, Copatonic, County Cork, Cranberry Swirl, Crimson Cloud, Delores Clark, Devonshire Cream, Dracula's Kiss, Dreaming of Rio, Dreamsicle, Dusky Challenger, Edith Wolford, English Charm, Florentine Silk, Foreign Legion, Frimouseé, Gaudy is Good, Gingersnap, Grand Canyon Sunset, Happenstance, Hearty Burgundy, Hello Darkness, Hysteria, I Must Have It, Immortality, Impressionist, Ink Patterns, Insaniac, Inspired, Jamaican Dream, Jazz Band, Jurassic Park, Lady Friend, Last Hurrah, Main Street, Megabucks, Mesmerizer, Monsoon Moon, Moonlit Water, New Leaf, Oh Jamaica, Orange Titan, Original Art, Parisian Dawn, Paul Black, Pink Invasion, Powerpoint, Rave On, Rebound, Renown, Rhein Nixe, Romantic Evening, Rustler, Sea Power, Silent Screen Star, Silverado, Skywalker, Smokey Shadows, Sonata in Blue, Sordid Lives, Spiced Custard, Splashacata, Stairway to Heaven, Standing Proud, Starship Enterprise, Strike a Pose, Sunrise Elegy, Supreme Sultan, Sweet Musette, Tanzanian Tangerine, Tara's Choice, Thornbird, Tour de France, Trillion, Tumalo Sunset, Tumultueux, Tuscan Summer, Undercurrent, Valentino, Victoria Falls, Vigilante, Winter Waltz, Zandria: : Marte Hult
Decadence, Drinks at Sunset, Thai Orange, Polestar, Dynamite, Expose, Gallant Theme: Michelle Dreier


Dixie Deb, Flareout, Impassioned, Lone Star, Lone Star show stalk, Montegut: M.J. Urist

Caesar's Brother, Coronation Anthem, Pink Haze: Marte Hult

Eleanor Hill, Mrs. Tait: Marte Hult




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